Our UA
Board of Directors

Letter from the Chairman

Dear University Academy Community,

There are not enough words to fully honor how much Bush Helzberg has done for the school and community in one short letter. As you may have heard, Bush is stepping down as Chairman of the UA School Board after 12 wonderful years leading the corporation. 

While under his leadership, the school earned unprecedented national awards, obtained record academic performance and acquired multiple perfect credentials. Despite all of these accolades, what lies at the fundamental core of Bush and the Helzberg family is a belief in the best education for all students and to ensure all are able to grow and participate as leaders in their communities. For 20 years, this has been the underpinning of the vision of UA. 

However, having a new name and leader of the Board is a change, and with change comes a sense of curiosity, and perhaps some feeling of uncertainty.  I want to assure you that I am first committed to offer continuity, but also facilitate new ideas as Chairman of the Board, to usher in a new decade of excellence.  And, in case you didn’t know, we are grateful that Bush will participate as a board member so his leadership voice at the table will continue to be heard.

UA is unique among it’s peers because it has found a way to make it work…….with strong faculty, staff, administration, and a plethora of caring and passionate volunteers and donors. Goals set each year make it fully understood as to where UA is going and the path to get there. I want to give a special shout out to the parents and guardians of UA students. With your commitment and dedication to your children and the school, all cylinders are on fire.

I, too, believe education is the key to unlocking potential for all. I will continue the standard of excellence expected from the entire UA community. We will undertake a review and update of the 5 year strategic plan. We will be adding board members to fill vacancies. We will examine culturally responsive language in our core values, and more.  Together, we will inspire continued success.

Congratulations Bush for your unwavering dedication and years of transformative leadership. I’m honored to be on this ride with you and the entire UA community.

Katie Kwo Gerson, Chairman - University Academy Board of Directors



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