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University Academy 2022-2023 School Goals
  1. Based on 2022 U.S. News & World Report rankings, 55% of University Academy seniors will gain acceptance to Top 150 Universities, Top 150 Liberal Arts Colleges or Top 50 Regional Colleges, or Top 50 Historically Black Colleges or Universities.
  2. University Academy will earn advanced/proficient scores above the state of Missouri in MAP assessments for Spring 2024 testing.
  3. 95% of UA graduating seniors will enroll in a post-secondary college or university.
  4. Seniors will score an average ACT score of 21 or higher. 
  5. The graduating class of 2024 will earn an average of $215,000 in scholarships per graduate.
  6. In an effort to expand our Real World Learning, University Academy will increase the number of Client Connected Projects offering from 6 to 10 by May, 2024.  
  7. To expand the entrepreneurial experiences for our students and provide real world learning opportunities, University Academy will host another MECA (Most Entrepreneurial Cities in America) challenge for students in the Upper School and increase attendance/participation by 50%.
  8. University Academy will prioritize social emotional learning for all students by fully implementing the Satchel Pulse platform in grades K-12 by screening students at least three times. May, 2024.  
  9. In furthering its commitment to culturally responsive leadership, and creating a sense of unity and belonging, University Academy will identify and implement a measurement tool to capture data from all staff in the area of cultural awareness. The data will be presented to the board as a baseline for use in setting further benchmark goals for the next three (3) years.  
  10. University Academy will ensure board policies and procedures as well as reporting practices are compliant, accurate and at least 95% on time as measured by Epicenter.


University Academy is a public charter school serving students Pre-K through 12th grade who reside in the Kansas City Missouri School District.
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