Parent/Student Handbook & Policies

Uniform Policy

Students shall observe modes of dress and standards of personal grooming that are in conformity with the educational environment and necessary to maintain an orderly and safe atmosphere for all students. This expectation includes the school day and school sponsored extracurricular activities.

Apparel is expected to conform to reasonable student standards of modesty, and as such, no excessive or inappropriate areas of skin or undergarments may be exposed. No apparel or grooming which presents a safety concern is permitted. No apparel displaying messages that are gang-related, sexually explicit, vulgar, violent or advocating illegal activities is permitted. Further, no clothing or personal grooming that disrupts or can be forecasted to disrupt the educational environment is permitted.

The Dress Code Policy also stipulates, among other things, that generally, all clothing must be navy blue, white, and/or khaki, but specifically:

The Dress Code Policy also stipulates, among other things, that generally, all clothing must be navy blue, white, and/or khaki, but specifically:
  • Students must wear a white, light blue or navy blue polo-style shirt or button-down oxford style shirt.  Shirts worn by students must be buttoned and show no cleavage.
  • Shirts must have no visible logos, such as those for sports teams, or decorations or names, other than that of University Academy.
  • Students are to wear white or navy blue t-shirts under their polo shirts.
  • Students must tuck in their shirts at all times.
  • Pants must be uniform-type pants in either khaki or navy blue.
  • Students must wear belts with pants that have belt loops.  The Dress Code Policy does not permit “sagging” or baggy pants.
  • Uniform pants must NOT have extra zippers, large outside pockets, or other fashion garnishments anywhere on them, i.e., “cargo pants.”
  • Female students may wear knee-length skirts, below-the-knee Capri pants, or walking shorts (no more than 2 inches above the knee).
  • Tights/leggings and socks must be white, navy blue, or black.  No patterned or colored tights/leggings or socks may be worn.
  • Students may not wear flip-flops, hats, hoods, or coats inside the building.  Sandals must have an enclosed back.
  • During cold weather, white or navy blue cardigan-style sweaters (without hoods) are permissible—students may not wear jackets or coats.
  • Students may not wear large-hoop earrings, bangles, or excessive jewelry.
  • Students may only wear UA sweatshirts.  Students must wear a collared uniform shirt underneath the UA sweatshirt.
  • Hoods may NOT be worn inside the building at any time.
    University Academy students may NOT display body art (tattoos) or body piercings (other than ears).
  • Students who have “lettered” at UA may wear their Letter Jackets.

Students who are in non-compliance with the dress code policy will be referred to their principal's office. If school resources are unavailable for students to borrow for the duration of the school day, the parent/guardian will be contacted for the student to be picked up.

Please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook or contact your child's school for more information on the University Academy Dress Code Policy


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