Homework/Reading Logs


  • Homework Packets will be given on Monday and will consist of Spelling, Math and sometimes a reading comprehension or grammar activity.   In addition If daily work is not finished in class it will be given as additional homework.  Please don't wait till Wednesday to start homework!
  • Students are responsible for completing their own homework nightly.
  • Homework is due on Friday and Late homework is not accepted, unless excused for illness or emergency.
  • Reading Logs
    • Homework also includes a reading log where the 20 minutes of required nightly reading is documented.  This MUST BE signed by an adult.  Failure to complete reading logs with signature will be considered an incomplete assignment that cannot be made up.

  • Look for assignments in student's binder. 
  • Weekly spelling words will also be in the binder and Homework Packet. (test on Fridays).
  • Review any graded papers that come home in the Friday Folder (Every other week) with your child.  You will also need to initial the Friday Folder and send back to school on Monday.
  • Read our class newsletter to stay informed of important events and weekly activities.  They will be sent home each month, unless specified.

Reading Logs

  • Nightly reading is essential to improving your child’s reading. Research has shown that reading 20 minutes or more nightly can increase student reading levels by a full grade level each year.
  • It is both the responsibility of teachers and parents to help students become good readers.  (Remember:  YOU are your child's first teacher.)
  • Reading Logs are not graded. Students will receive credit for each night that the Reading Log is turned in on time SIGNED. Unsigned entries receive no credit and late or not turned in logs will result in a zero as late work is not accepted unless the student is sick or parent has spoken with teacher.

          Reading-Response-Log (1).pdf