Image result for class dojo Class Dojo- This will be my main source of communication. I will message here weekly to keep all parents in the loop. I will continue to give students points based on assignment completion

Seesaw- Seesaw This one will be completely new to students, but I am amazed at all the wonderful features it has. It can also work on phones and tablets! For students’ privacy, they have to use their google email and password from school. 
Login: ( Each password is unique. If your student does not remember theirs, please reach out to me. The class code is NLGH JDTP but will expire Sunday, March 29. This site is very interactive- students can use the tools, post videos, talk into the microphone, etc. This is where I will attempt to keep our classroom community. Every morning (M-F) I will post our Morning Meeting video by 10 AM. This is so important to keep our family structure in place. Aside from the morning meetings, there will be lesson activities assigned that match the Math and ELA standards.

Study Island-Study Island Login I will have weekly topics assigned. With topics, students can watch/read the lesson and flashcards. This will be a requirement. Then, they go through practice questions. Only when these two things are complete do I encourage game mode. By Thursday morning of the school week, I will have two assessments labeled with the topic (Math or ELA) and the posted date. These will be due by Friday at 3:00. We are required to let administration know if students are not completing these.

Readworks- I use this site often to print off content for students, however; students are not familiar with accessing articles online. I will use this website to assign reading articles to practice reading comprehension and literary skills. Students must create an account using their school google login and password (see SeeSaw above). Class code: HCXULC  

Prodigy- Prodigy This site is loved by students. It helps with their math facts and fluency. I will have topics assigned here to support the Math standards for the week. I would suggest 15 minutes a day, but I will check for 60 minutes for the week. Some students may have an account from last year and may need to add the new class. If students do not have an account, create one using google login and password. Class code: 94D07F

Epic- Epic This site is great if you don’t have books at home! Students can choose to read books geared towards their interests and F&P level. This can also be accessed as an app! Class code: uqw6634