Thank you for all of your openness in this process. I want to assure you that your student has learned so much this year. Let them show you what they know! I have taken the last couple of days to play around with all the wonderful online resources that have become available at this time. For students’ understanding and comfortableness, I kept with some of the same sites they are familiar with. I hope to take this day by day, and I am asking for your flexibility. I am willing to add/remove/change any resources that are not working for us.

I know this is incredibly overwhelming, I, by no means, expect your students to be on the computer from 7 AM- 3 PM. Monday, March 23 (the first day of online school!) will be a day to explore all these sites, sign up, enter codes, etc. Assignments will be ready and available but not expected to be complete until Friday. Also, no tests this first week. I will just be logging student activity and participation. We are in this together! I will be available immediately from 8-11 and 1-3 daily. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. THANK YOU for doing all that you can at home. I am looking forward to continuing your student’s education in a new way!

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