Class Dojo- Classroom Behavior Expectations

Across the Third Grade we will be using Class DoJo to track and communicate behavior.

Class DOJO is an online tool to track student behavior – both positive and negative. Families and students can access student reports and receive real-time updates through the DOJO website – – or by downloading the app to your phone or tablet. This will provide an additional communication tool with families and across subjects.   Class Dojo is the easiest way to reach 3rd grade teachers! Messages sent through Class Dojo appear in the form of text messages. We are able to access your messages from our phone during our plan time and other times when we are not supervising students. If a student is sent to a buddy room, or to the office, the teacher who sent the student will contact you via Class Dojo to explain why.

  • Students will have the opportunity to earn positive points both by consistently meeting expectations and going above and beyond.
  • Students will receive negative points for failing to meet school and classroom expectations.

Our Class Rules:
1. Be Respectful of yourself, classmates, and property 
2. Be Safe
3. Be Kind
4. Be Responsible for your choices and actions
5. Follow Directions the FIRST time 

​Behavior Continuum
-Step 1: Redirect

-Step 2: If the student fails to change/stop the disruptive behavior, they will be sent to the Safe Seat. Students will work from the safe seat. They will continue to be involved in classroom instruction.

-Step 3: If the student continues to cause disruption or fail to follow directions in the Safe Seat, they will move to a Buddy Room. In the Buddy Room, students will complete a Think Sheet. The student will be allowed to rotate with their class if they are able.

-Step 4: If the student disrupts while in the Buddy Room, they will be sent with a referral to the office. At that point, Administrators will follow the handbook for consequences.

***Certain things will require the student to go directly to the office. Physical contact with another student or staff member will require the student to go to the office without going to the Safe Seat or Buddy Room. If the student refuses to go the Safe Seat or Buddy Room as directed, Administrators will be called to assist. 

***Please read the section for Discipline and Behavior in the Parent-Student Handbook.    University Academy has created a Resource Room for students.  The handbook outlines the offenses and the steps involved for a child to go to the resource room.  This is a policy set by University Academy as a whole and not by individual teachers.