Student Expectations during Class Time

Classroom Rules

            1. Respect each other, our surroundings, our school, and ourselves.

            2. Follow directions.

            3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

            4. Rehearse with effort and focus.

            5. Work and play in a safe, non-disruptive manner. 

Tardies and Attendance

--Students will be counted as tardy if they are not in their assigned seat ready to warm up at the bell and/or start of class time.

--If a student is arriving to class late and they have a pass from another teacher, the student must enter the room without disruption, give the pass to the Ms. Adreani, find their seat silently, and get on task.

--Students are expected to be and remain in the classroom throughout the class period so that they can learn the material and contribute to rehearsal.

--Students will not be able to leave the room without a pass from a teacher or a request from the office.

--Students would be able to leave the room for a emergency (i.e. restroom or water). However, if a pattern occurs that causes a student to regularly miss class, we will work to together to find a solution. 

--If a student does leave the room for any reason (called to office, early dismissal, called to counselor, restroom or water), the student must fill out the classroom hallway log, and get a written pass from the teacher.