3rd Grade Math Units and Topics

School Set.png Number Sense and Place Value: Topics include place value, rounding, and estimation. Students will estimate sums and differences. Students will apply rounding and estimation in problem-solving.

Multiplication and Division:

Topics include multiplication and division facts, the distributive property, and multiplication by multiples of 10. Students will apply these principles in problem-solving. Students will also problem solve using estimation and multiples of 10.

Data and Graphing: Students will learn how to read and create multiple types of graphs. Students will analyze the data and problem solve. This standard is also taught heavily in Science.

Fractions: Topics include understanding the value of a fractional part to a whole. Students will learn to create, read, count, and compare fractions. A major fraction topic is creating and recognizing equivalent fractions.

Geometry: Topics include area and perimeter. Topics also include a study of polygons with an emphasis on quadrilaterals.