Victoria Ball

Welcome to Third Grade!

I am so excited for what this year is going to bring


Educational Background:

I am a graduate from Texas Christian, with an emphasis on Early Childhood Education, and a Master's in Language and Literacy Instruction.


Last year I had the opportunity to take over Ms. Jackson's 4th-grade class at University Academy while she was on maternity leave as well as substitute throughout the lower school. Which prepared me greatly for my new role! I also had the opportunity to teach summer school to the incoming 3rd graders this summer. I look forward to seeing many familiar faces.

Statement of Educational Philosophy:

I believe an outstanding teacher needs to be flexible. When a teacher is flexible they are able to handle a variety of students with different knowledge levels, because they are able to work around challenges that may arise when implementing a lesson.

I believe it is very important to put yourself on the same platform as your students. When a teacher has the ability to show that they make mistakes, students are more likely to be more active in their classroom community and feel less judged.

As a teacher, I want to be able to have my students feel like they can relate to me and feel comfortable. Through creating strong bonds inside the classroom, as well as supporting my students outside the classroom through tutoring or attending sporting events, I feel that I will be able to create a mutual understanding of respect and trust that can create motivated learners in my classroom.

I also utilize a very creative mindset at times. I am an advocate of making learning fun, innovative and stepping outside the box. This is evident by my ability to create original, educational songs that help students retain and understand the concepts learned in class. I know not all students think alike. I differentiate instruction, keeping in mind that not all my students will be at the same knowledge level.