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Helpful Websites for students to use at home for Math:

1) Study Island (studyisland.com) - Main resource used in school. Has assignments, game mode, and tests that will prepare students for the upcoming benchmarks. 

2) TenMarks (tenmarks.com) - Additional resource for practice with all skills that students need in the 4th grade. Jam sessions support procedural practice, while lessons and assignments support conceptual understanding and break skills down

3) Matific.com - Additional resource for practice with concepts of skills through interactive activities. School Missions allow for practice on skills specific to what is learned in class while Bonus Missions allow students to work on anything 

4) Prodigy (prodigyplay.com) - Additional resource that allows students to do a game mode in which they explore a hidden world while also answering math based questions in a fun way. 

5) XtraMath (xtramath.com) - Additional resource for number fact fluency support in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  


Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!

My name is Tierra Howard and I am a 4th Grade Teacher located in Room A306. 

Background: Grew up in Saint Paul, MN and attended K-12 in the Twin Cities. Attended the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities and earned my Bachelors of Science in Youth Studies with a minor in African & African American Studies

Current: Moved to Kansas City, MO five years ago and started teaching at the Ewing Marion Kauffman School. Stayed there for two years as a 6th Grade Math Teacher. While employed there, I earned my Masters of Education at the University of Missouri - Saint Louis with emphasis on Elementary Education (1-6). Currently earning another Masters in Educational Administration through the University of Kansas.

This year we will focus heavily on three traits

I believe that these are big in the 4th grade and together as a 4th grade class we will be exploring what different types of respect looks like, how we can become a community and what it looks to be a sef-confident 4th graders in preparation for the 5th grade! 

Your student will be held to high academic and behavioral expectations all grounded in the belief that they can and will succeed. 

   I am extremely excited to be working with the scholars here at University Academy and am predicting an excellent year!