Math Standards
Math Standards 2019-2020 
  • Number Sense and Place Value: Topics include place value, rounding, and estimation. Students will estimate sums and differences. Students will apply rounding and estimation in problem solving.
  • Multiplication and Division: Topics include multiplication and division facts, the distributive property, and multiplication by multiples of 10. Students will apply these principles in problem solving. Students will also problem solve using estimation and multiples of 10.
  • Data and Graphing: Students will learn how to read and create multiple types of graphs. Students will analyze the data and problem solve. This standard is also taught heavily in Science as well.
  • Fractions: Topics include understanding the value of a fractional part to a whole. Students will learn to create, read, count, and compare fractions. A major fraction topic is creating and recognizing equivalent fractions.
  • Geometry: Topics include area and perimeter. Topics also include a study of polygons with an emphasis on quadrilaterals.