Math 1 Learning Standards

Quarter 1

I can read, write and identify numbers from billions to thousandths using number names, base ten numerals and expanded form

I can round numbers from billions to thousandths place

I can multiply multi-digit decimals

I can divide multi-digit decimals

I can add and subtract multi-digit decimals to the thousandths place

Understand that part of a whole can be expressed as fractions or decimals

Quarter 2

I can add and subtract fractions, and mixed numbers with unlike denominators (including word problems)

I can explain multiplication as scaling

I can interpret a fraction as division in word problems and place the quotient on a number line

Quarter 3

I can write, evaluate and interpret numerical expressions using the order of operations

I can explain volume using unit cubes.

I can find volume using the volume formula length x width x height

I can find volumes of composite rectangular prisms

Quarter 4

I can define, plot, and interpret points in the first quadrant of the coordinate plane (include word problems)

I can investigate and explain the relationship between two patterns