Bethni Albright
   January flew by!  I think all of our days out of school probably made our time together go that much faster!  We're getting ready to begin our next investigation which will focus on temperature.  We will continue to use the guided notes, I've not worked out the kinks on the homework, but it's getting closer!  I'll definitely get in touch to explain or post an example.
     Learning to take notes is an important part of getting an education, but I rearranged things to make sure we were using our time in the most productive way.  It is very important that the students are paying attention as we go.  Since the notes are not on the board to copy, being off task can interrupt what's being heard or explained and probably just sound confusing.  I have seen much better participation, and the discussions we're having in class are becoming richer.  This is an amazing group of students.

I'm looking forward to seeing them continue to grow and move beyond the standards!

Thank you so much for your amazing support!

Bethni Albright