Kindergarten Standards

University Academy Kindergarten Expectations for Promotion
The above Expectations for Promotion are subject to revision be the staff of University Academy.
If revision occurs, notification will be given. University Academy does not offer social promotion.

Students must pass all core classes. (Communication Arts and Math) 

1. Students must be reading and comprehending at or above grade level by the end of the academic year as measured by the Fountas & Pinnell Running Record, FAST,
Instructional Level D on the Fountas & Pinnell Running Record;  
80% or higher on the FAST assessment.
80 or higher on the Sight Word List. 

2. Students must score 70% or higher on a final writing and language assessment.

3. Students must score 70% or higher on the final math assessment.

4. 70% o
r more of the student’s grades must be at Developing or Secure. 

Students must receive recommendation for promotion by their grade level team and principal, based on satisfactory classroom performance throughout the current academic school year. 

Note: Administration must approve the final decision.