Virtual Learning 2019-20

Dear Families,

I hope that you are healthy and managing to cope during this challenging time for the nation.  Please know that I am thinking of you all and missing all my students very much!

         As you may have been informed, starting Monday, March 23, University Academy will be implementing virtual learning.   This virtual experience will be a new adventure and learning process for us all. Due to this being a new process, my plan is to keep the virtual learning similar to our monthly homework calendar.  Each week you will receive a Virtual Learning Calendar. To access this Virtual learning Calendar, you will need to log in to Google Classroom and select the Classwork tab. The Virtual Learning Calendar will indicate that some activities would require students to visit online resources, complete assignments in the Google Classroom, and other activities during family interaction.  Choose at least one activity from each subject area column every day. Parent/Guardian initial the activities your child has completed on the line provided in each box on the Virtual Learning Calendar. I will be checking your documents daily to monitor progress. Information on how to log in will be sent to you individually. Throughout this process, I want your child to continue to read every day, practice sight words, write, and practice math skills.  I plan to continue with the learning objectives for the fourth semester, and that will provide practice that will help students meet the kindergarten end of year expectations. I appreciate your support and partnership. We will get through this together. 

If you need to speak to me or contact me, please send a message through email. If you need to talk to me, let’s set up a time to talk through Google Hangout. The hours I will be available are from 9:30-12 and 1:00-3:00 Monday-Friday. 


Thank you, 

Ms. Bailey

Tips for At-Home Learning 
❖ Continue or start a daily structure routine. Young children must have a daily routine.  A routine will allow your child to know what he or she will be doing throughout the day. Share with your child what he or she will be learning each day. 
❖ Learn when your child is most focused. That will be a time to work on activities that require parental guidance.  Many children function best in the mornings.  
❖ I understand that your job obligations may restrict the hours when you are available to help your child.  At those moments, have your child complete activities that need minimal assistance from you. This will be the time you can have your child work on online resources. 
❖ Allow for frequent breaks.  If your child seems frustrated or is losing focus, take a brain break for 10-15 minutes.  You can play a movement activity on YouTube or GoNoodle. 
  ❖ After completing the daily assignments, allow your child to plan a fun activity to do. This will be an excellent opportunity to visit the specials teacher’s web page for ideas for PE, Character Education, Art, and Computers. You can also cook with your child or play a board game or some other family activity together. 
❖ Grant yourself grace! :) This is new for both of us, and I am with you throughout this process.