Darya Hadjian

Virtual Learning 3/23/20 and on...
I hope you all are well. We have officially started school virtually. Google Classroom will be our go-to. If you need me or have questions feel free to email @ hadjiand@universityacademy.org 🙂

Our Google Classroom code in case you aren't in yet is: 
1st Hour - o65e4si
2nd Hour - f24yaki
3rd Hour - ca7lkuk
4th Hour - xyqcgg6
5th Hour - 4ku4oiv
6th Hour - cb37dou

***I'd strongly suggest you add the Google Classroom app to your phones and turn notifications on. 

Hello My Name Is...

Sra. Hadjian (Ha-G-On)

Un poco sobre

I am the Upper School Spanish Teacher. I have newly assumed this role as of the school year 2019-2020. I have great plans and ideas to keep your students engaged and learning about the language of Spanish and the culture that it brings.

I am finalizing my Master’s in Secondary Education for Spanish K-12 at Rockhurst University. I possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Language Arts Foreign Language from University of Missouri - Kansas City. My area of focus for my Undergrad. was in Spanish and Criminal Justice.

Previous to coming to UA, I worked for the Johnson County Department of Corrections. My goal was to encourage the youth that were there that there was more positive in the world to experience, life is what you make it, and every human has a purpose on this earth. We have to respect and genuinely love each other. Ultimately, I want, like Miss America, peace and love in this world. I took part in facilitating evidence based practices, utilizing positive behavior supports.

After approximately 6 years, I realized I wanted to make a greater impact before Corrections was involved.  The main area of discontent for a lot of the youth I served was their dissatisfaction within schools and classes. I took to heart their concerns and ideas. I bring with me my own experiences growing up and those of the youth I served. I will encourage youth to appreciate themselves, others, and the world. Through our exploration of the Spanish Language we will begin to see the world is a very big place, populated with many differences. Through education of said differences, we can begin to accept one another. Through acceptance, comes peace and love.  

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