Science Apps & 8th Grade Science Units

COVID-19 Update (Science Apps) 

Below you will find the plan on how I will be teaching science apps these next few weeks. All assignments will be posted by Monday morning at 9:00 AM and they will be due by Friday at 3:00 PM. I plan on utilizing Everfi and Google Classroom during this time. 

I will be sending out an email each week going over the assignments and any other expectations for that week. Checking my webpage is also a great way to stay in the loop with assignments and expectations. Here is the link: The calendar on my webpage will also be another place you can view all assignment due dates.

Week 1 (03/23-03/27): Finish your skyscraper project (google doc & google slides)
Week 2 (03/30-04/03): Finish Everfi MarketPlaces Module #3 & #4 
Week 3 (04/06-04/10): Finish Everfi MarketPlaces Module #5 and receive certificate
Week 4 (04/13-04/17): Complete one of the six Everfi Hockey Scholar Modules
Week 5 (04/20-04/24): Complete two of the six Everfi Hockey Scholar Modules
Week 6 (04/27-05/01): Complete three of the six Everfi Hockey Scholar Modules
Week 7 (05/04-05/08): Complete four of the six Everfi Hockey Scholar Modules

Ms. Amerison still plans on sending “U” list and “1’s” to parents on Monday’s. You can contact me over email: Please don't hesitate to reach out during this time; I will make sure I respond within 24 hours.


Jeremy Dorrell

8th Grade Science: 
Seven Units  

  • Review of Matter and Energy 
  • Chemical Reactions 
  • Review of Forces and Motion and Interactions and Waves 
  • Life Science 
  • Ecosystems and Survival 
  • Weather and Climate 
  • Review of Earth/Space Science